Douglas, a New York real estate tycoon, is taking over the apartments. Gradually losing his mind, he physically eliminates the tenants.

    The Snack-Bar is a 45 minutes film that places the viewer in the position of a close witness to the daily life of a psychopathic businessman.

    This film is dedicated to Leonard Peltier, an Amerindian political prisoner incarcerated since 1976.

  • - Duration : 45 mn. VOSTR

    - Director, script, editing : Alfred Poisson
    - Dialogues : Douglas Everett Davis & Alfred Poisson
    - Post-production Fx : Sébastien Alzamora & Sébastien Gariel
    - Music: 'Xerak' Xavier Gutter + Electronic Manor mixed by the Barones + the Anti-Acoustic Warfar by KaosR-One

    - With : Douglas Everett Davis, Mipam Thurman, Lisa Anne Kostur, Lorraine Ricard, Annelise Peterson, Chelsea Scott, John Myers, Joseph Gonzales, Anna Sheard, Laura Spring, Maxime Riondet, Chris Durk Wild, Latoya Wilcher, Hannah Warren, Nico Price, Gina Nargi.

  • Devorations

    In a New York City that is seen as a huge fast food restaurant, Douglas no longer makes the difference between hot dogs and human beings. And the businessman resumed the murderous behaviour of the first conquistadors.

    But the space-hungry businessman is also digested by this city as if he were inside his stomach.

    Douglas has nightmares where he visualizes the slow breathing of a huge blue tarpaulin blown by the wind, concrete mixers that seem never to stop turning, and large orthogonal pits dug in the concrete of an empty construction site.

  • Dissolutions

    The more Douglas perseveres in his morbid enterprise, the more the perception of the limits of his physical and psychological envelope merges with the walls that his workers hammer with their tools. The only spaces where his body is free are the kitchen and the living room. He lounges like a cat, slumped down for long hours in front of his televisions, fetishizing on the smooth surfaces of the plastic benches of his luxurious apartments.

  • Fragmentations

    The editing of the film takes the side of fragmentation. Douglas' life is like a big zapping: he moves from one apartment to another, from one girl to another, from one environment to another, from one murder to another.

    The Snack-Bar takes place in New York. But the characteristic silhouette of the city is never shown. The "Big Apple" is presented as a permanent construction site, saturated with pipes and metal rods, punctuated by the hammers of the workers and the comings and goings of the backhoes.

  • Douglas Everett Davis

    Douglas Everett Davis is the starting point and the incredible meteor of the Snack Bar. He's the first to respond to the classified ad stuck on the walls of New York.
    Afterwards, he successfully launches himself as a professional in a series of brilliant roles in films and theatre. He is also a film director.

    The last feature film in which he plays is Beach Rats (2017) by Eliza Hittman. The film has been selected for many festivals (from Locarno to Deauville) and has received several awards, including the Director's Award at the Sundance Festival.

    Douglas Everett Davis' website: www.douglasdavis.nyc